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Initially our Metal Fabrication Facility was established to support NORFLEX's non-metallic expansion joint product line. As our base business has continued to grow, the demand for more capacity and capability in Metal Fabrication has enabled us to manufacture ductwork, stacks, hoppers, metal expansion joints and other custom equipment.


Manufacturing Space Under Crane 33,150 SF

Office Space 3,000 SF

Sand Blast Booth 20' X 70'

Spary Paint Booth 20' X 70'

Overhead Cranes 18' Under Hook(3) 10 Ton
(5) 5 Ton

Jib Cranes(4) 2 Ton

(2) 1 Ton

Forklifts(1) 2.5 Ton

(1) 4.0 Ton

(1) 4.0 Ton Lull

Plasma Burning Machine8' X 20'

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Pacific 200 Ton

Shear, Hydraulic3/8" x 10'

Band Saw24" Horizontal Adjustable

Welding Machines(14) Miller 452

(2) Lincoln DC 600 Automated Submerged ARC

Plate Rolls(1) Niagra 5/16" x 4'

(1) Webb 3/8" x 8'

Turning Rolls2' - 12' Dia

Welding PositionerPandjiris 30-6

Custom Metal Fab: Products
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